7 Amazing facts about poker

7 Amazing facts about poker

From the start to the present, many people have felt how interesting poker games and even poker games have become the world’s historic game casino. This Game is rapidly exploding on the market and becomes a world obsession for many people.

Some prestigious championships, such as poker tournaments, have begun to emerge, mainly due to the appearance of poker, present in movies, television and online poker, which makes the game even more interesting.

But the question is how much do you know about the history of poker? Do not admit poker fans before knowing the 7 facts below. Let’s hope the fact that I will give this time can enrich your appreciation towards the popular poker game.

  • Poker players use different methods to refer to their cards

Poker is a global phenomenon and there are more than 130 variations of games played around the world. Even the words used to describe the game elements are very different. In the UK, a group of 52 cards is called Pack and in the United States is better known as the Deck, while elsewhere called Set.

  • Initially, poker is played with 20 cards.

On his birthday, the poker card for each game consists of 20 cards and only 4 players are allowed to play. Each player receives 5 cards and the player with the best card wins the match. The poker card with 52 cards was used for the first time in 1834.

  • Poker chips are created by casinos to prevent fraud cases.

In the late 1800 ‘s, valuables (gold or coins) could be used as bets in the poker game. Casino needs a way to standardize the amount of money involved on the table in order to create tokens from materials such as bones, ivory, wood or a unique symbol indicating the value of the coin. Chip.
Scammers try to duplicate the chip as close as possible; But in the early 1900 ‘s, clay chips began to be produced, making it harder for duplicates to multiply.

  • First online poker site launched in 1998

MAHA168 is the first online poker site to offer real money games. This website has grown very much so that it can be accessed by users around the world by presenting games such as Texas Hold’Em worth 3-6 per hand. Unfortunately, the site is subject to technician problems, so it should close in 1999.

  • There are approximately 80 million poker players in the United States.

80 million?? A fantastic number, isn’t it? More than half of them choose to play Poker Online and then give birth to professional poker players. These professional gamblers generate their daily revenue just by using a mobile or desktop device. Throughout the day, you can find more than a million players connected to online poker servers around the world.

  • President Richard Nixon is a reliable poker player

The former US president got $6,000 in poker for 2 months in the U.S. Navy during the Second World War. He used Poker’s victories to finance his first campaign, which ensured Congress’s success in 1946.

  • Tournament poker aired for the first time on television in 1973

In 1973, CBS broadcast a World Series of Poker event directly from Las Vegas. The winner of the year won a cash prize of $130,000.